Omar Domkus

Expressions from the Lower Frequencies

Hello Again

Hello once again.  I hope this latest update finds you in good health and financial security.  I have added a couple of journal entries to the “Album Journal” to keep you all up to date on the progress of the mixing of the CD.  You can hear the latest efforts on the player located in the “Media” section of the website.  Please add your e-mail to the list so I can send you the news of the release of the CD and when it will be available for download on iTunes etc..  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the music.

Expressing myself from the lower frequencies.


And the work continues.

I have updated the Album Journal with some updates on the last few sessions that includes a link to a short fun video of the latest efforts.  An upload to the music player in the Media section of the song “Reflection” is also new to the site.  Thank you for stopping by and seeing whats new.  I hope March is a great month for you.

Shalom from Omar