Out of the Attic

Out of the Attic

Though it was released in 1994, Out of the Attic contains a retrospective of my playing in 1983-84.

The disk includes the first two studio recordings I had ever done on the first two tracks with the second track being the first song I had ever written or sang.  The recording was done on February of 1983.

Included on this disk are rehearsals, tracks 3-5, recorded in April 1983, and live shows, recorded in January and May of 1984, that never were intended to be released.

My favorite portions of the disk are the studio recordings we did in June of 1983 with Terry Taylor as our producer.  That album’s recording has never seen the light of day except for tracks 6-11 on this disk.

As a final note on this CD, all the the bass played on these recordings were played on a fretted bass.  This was before I began to play fretless exclusively.