Omar Domkus

Expressions from the Lower Frequencies

Mix Update

I have added my notes on the mix session of 01/17/10 to the Album Journal.  If you haven’t read it yet then stop by and see how it all began and how it gets to the eventual release of the CD.  The results of that session can be heard here.

In keeping with the CD theme I would like to report that I am in the process of transcribing my bass parts on this CD.  I am writing the songs out in both tablature and notation.  It is my hope to release a booklet of the songs so those who would be interested to learn what and where I am playing can get a copy and play along with the CD.  I am doing it by hand for now but I would like to get a program to do it on my computer and print it out nice and pretty so if you have and suggestions please drop me a note at

Thanks for stopping by and spending a moment with me in the cyber world.

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