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What’s New In The Comming Year?

The calendar now has turned over to 2010 and here are a few things that I hope to accomplish in this new calendar year.

First and foremost I want to finish the mixing of the 15 tracks that will make up my CD.  I realized that I should have been posting updates on that here and have added a link, Album Journal, that you can go to and read the story of how this process began, where it is at currently, and how it eventually ends with the release of the CD.

The obvious second goal is the release of the CD both as a download and actual CD that you can hold in your hand.  My goal is to have it done and ready to go before April 2010.

I also would like to find that allusive paying gig.  It is a rough road as a soloist, let alone as a bass soloist.  I know that there is a gig out there and when it comes it will be at the right time and at the right place.  Maybe it will come in the form of a small summer tour.  We will see.

On the dream list side I would love to be able to acquire an upright acoustic bass because I really miss playing on an upright.  I would love to feature the upright on my next CD but one must have one in order to write songs on it.  I am in no financial position to purchase one but still dream that this will come true for me this year.  I also would love to purchase a Fender Jazz fretted bass.  That’s right, you read that correctly, a fretted bass.  It’s OK, take a deep breath.  I just want to noodle on it and flex my other skills that I rarely use.  There are certain techniques that I can do on fretless that are just expressed differently on a fretted bass.  I figure it is about time I broke down and considered that side of the instrument again.  Like my upright situation I am in no financial situation that would accommodate the purchase of a Jazz bass right now but dreams can come true.

Evidence you say, well just look at me.  I have no money and I am currently mixing my CD with a budget of “0” on the kindness of others.  “Never give up, never surrender!”

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