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It’s nice to begin 2012 with a review from Steve Ruff from Down The Line Magazine.

Review of  “Shades of a Shadow” by Josh Dieckmann

Review of Shades of a Shadow by Matt Crosslin of The Phantom Tollbooth.

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Fretless Bass Guitar Hub‘s Scott Kellogg reviews Shades of a Shadow.

What Fans Have To Say

96 Review

This review of “Jawboneofanass” by Scaterd-Few was published in the May 1996 issue of Bass Player Magazine.

The beauty of this story is as follows.

I had been mentioning to my wife, Jenny, that I should send a copy out to Bass Player to review in their “Indie City” section but never got off my rear end and did so.  She, being the wonderful Aishes Chayil (Worthy Woman) that she is, sent a copy to them with a letter asking them to review it for her husband.  Now I had no knowledge of this at all.

I had been checking the article every month to see the reviews with a secret hope that a review would be in there.  That is like hoping to win the lottery but never playing.  Anyway, the May ’96 issue came in the mail, I opened it up, and BAM!  The review was there.  My heart was racing and I was so excited telling Jenny that there was a review and what it had said about me.  She smiled so deeply into my eyes, and with all the love in her heart, she said she sent it in for me.  Man, I am so blessed.

For a larger image of the review just click on the picture.

Review of “Sin Disease” by Scaterd-Few on emusic’s Hidden Treasures February 2011