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Album Journal Updated

I have updated the album journal with a few new entries.  The latest from this Sunday’s mix session that put the finishing touches on the song “Tiananmen Square”.  The latest efforts can be heard on the music player found on the media section of the website.  Thanks for stopping by and giving the music a listen.


Recent Entries

11 out of 15

I have now mixed 11 of the 15 tracks that will be on my CD.  The end of this project is near and I am looking forward to the manufacturing of the actual CD’s.  My hope is to be done mixing by the end of May and have the physical CD’s in hand by mid […]

Hello Again

Hello once again.  I hope this latest update finds you in good health and financial security.  I have added a couple of journal entries to the “Album Journal” to keep you all up to date on the progress of the mixing of the CD.  You can hear the latest efforts on the player located in […]

And the work continues.

I have updated the Album Journal with some updates on the last few sessions that includes a link to a short fun video of the latest efforts.  An upload to the music player in the Media section of the song “Reflection” is also new to the site.  Thank you for stopping by and seeing whats […]

New Music Player in Media Section

I have added a music player in the Media section for you to hear some of my latest efforts in the studio.  The mixing is coming along and I am looking forward to the finalization of this project.  Thanks for the support and for stopping by.

Fan Page on Facebook

I put up a fan page on Facebook which will enable me to connect with people on the progress of my CD and its eventual release both as a download and an actual physical CD.  Here is the link to that page.  Feel free to become a fan and thanks in advance for the support. […]

Another Day Closer

Today I spent some time in the studio mixing tracks for my CD.  I started some work on “Perceptions in the Mist” and “Baroque” which features my son Kefa on clarinet.  I also think I have the final mix for “Shades of a Shadow” but you can read about is all at the bottom of […]

Mix Update

I have added my notes on the mix session of 01/17/10 to the Album Journal.  If you haven’t read it yet then stop by and see how it all began and how it gets to the eventual release of the CD.  The results of that session can be heard here. In keeping with the CD […]

What’s New In The Comming Year?

The calendar now has turned over to 2010 and here are a few things that I hope to accomplish in this new calendar year. First and foremost I want to finish the mixing of the 15 tracks that will make up my CD.  I realized that I should have been posting updates on that here […]


Welcome to the new site.  Please have fun reading and learning a few things about me on the various articles on this site.  You can access my music by clicking on MySpace under the links section.  Feel free to request me as a friend on either of the links and be sure to write a […]